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Our Trails

Alice McCallister Memorial Sanctuary, Kent

74 Camps Flat Road, South Kent, CT 06785
Preserve Acres: 64

As early as the 1970s, our founder and first president, Alice McCallister, identified Mud Pond as a protection priority. Read More

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Birch Rocks, Brookfield

40A Obtuse Road North, Brookfield, CT 06804
175 acres

The Birch Rocks Preserve is over 175 acres of permanently protected hardwood forest, streams, wetlands, and 2.5 miles of public trails that wind along the shore of Lake Lillinonah. Read More

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Brookland and Josephson Preserves, Sherman

18 Crooked Furrows Lane, Sherman, CT 06784
86 acres

The Naromiyocknowhusunkatankshunk Brook runs through these preserves of mixed hardwood forests. Read More

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Candlewood Mountain, New Milford

13 Sherman Road, New Milford, CT 06776
Preserve Acres: 16.3

The trail connects two of the Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy’s preserves on Candlewood Mountain. The Kelley’s Slide portion of the trail is closed until further notice. Read More

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Cobble Brook Vista, Kent

26 Studio Hill Circle, Kent, CT 06757
Preserve Acres: 158

The trail offers instant gratification as you walk through the meadow and hikers can continue through the meadow and climb the steep, wild flanks that rise above Cobble Brook. Read More

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Cobble Mountain, Kent

159 Macedonia Brook Rd, Kent, CT 06757
20 acres

NCLC has worked since 1982 to protect areas around Macedonia State Park. The trail has both the steepest climb (630 vertical feet) and the most dramatic vistas of any Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy preserve. Read More

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Hauser Nature Preserve, Litchfield

100 Fern Avenue, Litchfield, CT 06759
Preserve Acres: 90

Higher than Litchfield’s village center, the Hauser Preserve looks out to the high points of the Litchfield Hills, including Cornwall’s Mohawk Mountain. Read More

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Henry Pond Brook Preserve, Newtown

16 Saw Mill Road, Newtown, CT 06470
Preserve Acres: 28
A pleasant, easy walk on a well-worn trail. Parking at 16 Saw Mill Road, Newtown, CT Read More

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Herrick Preserve, Sherman

38 Evans Hill Road, Sherman, CT 06784
185 acres

The Herrick Preserve’s mixed hardwood forest offers easy hiking and gentle slopes. It is a 1.25 mile hike to the Housatonic Overlook that gives hikers a beautiful view to the northeast and up the river valley. Read More

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Hunt Hill Farm Trail

60 Upland Road, New Milford CT
44 Acres

A short trail through cow pastures to a bench with a view of the hills. Read More

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Irene's Woods, Sherman

15 Hubbell Mountain Road, Sherman, CT 06784
59 acres

A moderate walk that will take you past rock outcrops, vernal pools, and a scenic overlook. Read More

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Kahn Preserve, New Milford

58 Cherniske Road, New Milford, CT 06776
Preserve Acres: NCLC Kahn Preserve, 117 Acres
Town Nostrand Preserve, 150 Acres

The Kahn Preserve’s John McNeely trail is named in honor of Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy’s first professional land steward. An expert naturalist, bird rehabilitator, and filmmaker, he worked for NCLC for almost thirty years. Read More

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Kahlo Preserve, Brookfield

10 Hop Brook Road, Brookfield, CT
3.97 acres

Kahlo Preserve is a small forested property nestled along Hop Brook with a short out-and-back trail that offers a quick escape, and a shady, streamside walk. Read More

Trail Map

Mallory Preserve, Sherman

15 Route 39 North, Sherman, CT 06784
120 acres

A long boardwalk takes you through a wetland to a rolling loop trail along Sawmill Brook. Read More

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Mount Tom Preserve, New Milford

43 Mount Tom Road, New Milford, CT 06776
Preserve Acres: 50

An easy 1.3 mile looped trail from Mount Tom Road. The hike can be extended by taking the trail to the Pratt Nature Center. Read More

Trail Map

Strauss Morrissey Preserve, Gaylordsville and Sherman

130 Gaylord Road, New Milford, CT, 06776
Preserve Acres: 55

This preserve contains varied landscapes and species as well as a trail that quickly puts the hustle and bustle of the Route 7 corridor out of sight and sound. Read More

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Tory’s Cave and The Eleanor and Howard Hunt Nature Preserves, New Milford

499 Kent Road, New Milford, CT 06776
Preserve Acres: 115

Tory’s Cave is closed to the public. The preserve still offers 0.4 miles of trails and a central access point to the 6 mile Housatonic Range Trail which is part of the Connecticut Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System. Read More

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Towner Hill Preserve, Sherman, CT 06784

46 CT-37 E, Sherman, CT 06784
81 acres

The Towner Hill Preserve features impressive glacial erratics. These massive boulders were left behind at the end of the last ice age. Read More

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West Briggs Hill, Sherman

23 Briggs Hill Road, Sherman, CT 06784
84 acres

After steep climb up the first hill, enjoy the moderate rolling loop trail. This trail is a hit with trail runners as well as birdwatchers. Read More

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Wildwoods Nature Preserve, Sharon

24 Caray Hill Road, Sharon, CT 06069
Preserve Acres: 163

It captures our best stand of northern hardwoods and has a plentiful food supply for wildlife. Quiet exploration will reveal its treasures. Read More

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Wimisink Preserve, Sherman

159 Gaylordsville Road, Sherman, CT 06784
Gaylordsville Road is CT-39N

51 acres

The Wimisink Preserve’s boardwalks and observation platform offer excellent wildlife viewing. This preserve has a 330-foot-long boardwalk accessible from the parking lot. The northern boardwalk has a gentle slope and is 5-feet wide with curbing. Read More

The parking area is just south of the intersection of Route 55 and Route 39 North.

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