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Cobble Brook Vista, Kent

26 Studio Hill Circle, Kent, CT 06757
Preserve Acres: 158

Roundtrip Distance: 2.5 miles

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy protects over three hundred acres in the Cobble Brook Valley. The trail begins winding through a juniper forest where the soil is almost entirely sand and home to a suite of interesting grasses and lichens as well as habitat for nesting Prairie Warblers. A short detour brings you to an open meadow with views of Cobble Brook nestled among the hills and meadows. Continuing on the trail, you wind through goldenrod and the beaver-influenced wetlands before ascending toward the yellow and orange trails. Listen for a mix of wetland and forest birds, including red-winged blackbirds and scarlet tanagers. The yellow trail loops through the heart of the preserve and is very steep, so hiking clockwise is recommended. Once you reach the top of the ridge on the yellow trail, you can choose to take the orange trail, which returns to Studio Hill Road, or loop back to the trailhead. The remainder of the yellow loop passes through dense mountain laurel along the ridge then finally descends around rocks and roots.  An evening visit with a short walk may bring great opportunities to witness beavers hard at work.

Trail Map

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