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Cobble Brook Vista, Kent

159 Macedonia Brook Rd, Kent, CT 06757
20 acres

Roundtrip Distance: 3 miles

The trail has both the steepest climb (630 vertical feet) and the most dramatic vistas of any Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy preserve. We have worked since 1982 to protect areas around Macedonia State Park, including tracts in New York. The trail is blazed white and intersects the Blue Trail. When you meet the Blue Trail turn right over fairly flat rocky areas, which can be very slippery when wet. The summit is marked by a plain benchmark. Boots and a walking stick are highly recommended.

Notes on Macedonia Brook State Park

Macedonia Brook became Connecticut’s 13th state park as a result of a gift of 1,552 acres from Alain White of Litchfield in 1918. The park now has 2,300 acres. The summit of Cobble Mountain, located adjacent to the western park boundary, is used in triangulation by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey. It is situated on a hard and uniform rock formation of Becket Gneiss, which has worn down slowly leaving a very exciting terrain. The Blue Trail crosses Cobble Mountain and several other peaks, offering outstanding views of the Catskills and Taconics. Numerous springs and streams are in the area, adding to the pleasure of a hike along the trail.

Some years after the park was formed, the National Park Service offered to assist Connecticut in establishing a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp to give work to unemployed people during the Great Depression. Macedonia Brook State Park was selected because of the large quantity of work that was needed there and in the immediate vicinity. The magnificent stone retaining wall located just west of Macedonia Brook Road is a product of those times. The camp was in existence from 1933 to 1935. If you see a problem on this trail, call the Macedonia State Park Manager at (860) 927-3238.

Trail Map

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