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Mallory Preserve, Sherman

15 Route 39 North, Sherman, CT 06784
120 acres

A long boardwalk takes you through a wooded wetland dominated by red and sugar maples, to a rolling loop trail along Sawmill Brook, a tributary to Candlewood Lake. Visitors interested in a longer, more challenging hike, can cross the bridge to the yellow loop trail and blue trail, which ascends the steep, eastern slope of Turner Mountain. Near the summit, hikers can enjoy seasonal views to the east.

This preserve is made up of five parcels. A generous bequest from Alice Schneckenburger connected two separate preserves, forming one large, forested preserve totaling 120 acres. The Preserve is part of a much larger forested block and contains a variety of upland and lowland wildlife habitats that support many plant and animal species.

The best place to park is the Sherman Town Center.  The trailhead is near the Sherman Wine and Liquor store.

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