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Climate-Smart Grant

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy (NCLC) is pleased to announce the Building Resiliency on Northwest Connecticut Farmland grant program (known as the Building Resiliency program), made possible through a generous grant from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry (CSAF) program.

NCLC’s Building Resiliency program funds two types of projects: (1) climate-smart agricultural assessments and (2) the implementation of climate-smart agricultural practices from the following climate mitigation categories: soil health, nitrogen management, grazing and pasture, agroforestry, and energy use.

View the tabs on the left-hand side for specific program guidance. Click “Learn More” to see a recording of our online information session for the climate-smart agricultural assessment. Please direct all questions to Shelley Rose, Agricultural Program Manager, at, or call 860-927-1927.