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Candlewood Mountain, New Milford

13 Sherman Road, New Milford, CT 06776
Preserve Acres: 16.3
Roundtrip Distance: 4 miles

The trail connects two of Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy’s nicest preserves on Candlewood Mountain. Kelley’s Slide, the giant pile of boulders known as the “corkscrew,” where the trail spirals up through a mammoth heap of fallen bedrock is closed until further notice. NCLC owns two parcels along the trail. The first is near the trailhead and includes a rocky ravine and an excellent overlook; the second is between Pine Knob and Candlewood Mountain. Both (and the intervening land) reward the tramper with interesting terrain features under a mixed forest canopy. Please stay on the trail. All of the land along the blue-blazed trail is privately owned and continued access is dependent on you. The path is part of the Housatonic Range Trail and is managed by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

Trail Map

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