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Cobble Brook Vista, Kent
26 Studio Hill Circle, Kent, CT 06757 Preserve Acres: 158
Roundtrip Distance: 2.5 miles

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Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy protects over three hundred acres in the Cobble Brook Valley. The trail offers instant gratification as you walk through the meadow and hikers can continue through the meadow and climb the steep, wild flanks that rise above Cobble Brook. Within a few minutes, one traverses a sandy knoll with a magnificent pastoral and ridge panorama. The soils here are almost pure sand and the vegetation is more like a Vermont hill pasture, with junipers, British soldier, lichen, and poverty grass. Even with extremely well-drained soil, one crosses two brooks just east of the knoll.

The recommended route, once reaching the loop junction, is clockwise as it is safer to climb the steeper route and descend the gentler way. Those reaching the top will be rewarded with a perch in the mountain laurel with views to the west across the Housatonic River.

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