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Climate-Smart Agricultural Assessment

What is a Climate-Smart Agricultural Assessment?

A climate-smart agricultural assessment identifies practices, strategies, and technologies to enhance agricultural productivity, resilience, and sustainability in response to changing weather patterns and climate. Through the Building Resiliency program, NCLC is partnering with Berkshire Agricultural Ventures (BAV) to provide climate-smart assessments to Northwest Connecticut’s farms at no cost. BAV will conduct each climate-smart agricultural assessment, which will include the following:

  • Site Visit: BAV will conduct a one-to-three-day site visit that will review the farm operation’s challenges and discuss a range of management practices and strategies aimed at addressing and remedying areas of concern.
  • Management Plan: BAV will provide a comprehensive, personalized climate risk management plan to implement the selected practices and strategies. Check out the Implementation Grant for opportunities to fund recommendations from this plan.

NCLC will accept applications on a rolling basis. For more information, view the tabs below or download a PDF version of the full Guidance here.

Please direct all questions to Shelley Rose, Agricultural Program Manager, at, or call 860-927-1927.