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Long Mountain-Mud Pond Preserve, Kent and New Milford

Preserve Acres: 400

The Long Mountain-Mud Pond Preserve is a network of lands owned by NCLC and conservation easements in private ownership that span the Kent-New Milford town line. Over the past several years, a coalition of concerned neighbors and the Trust have created over 400 acres of preserves in a contiguous block. Mud Pond, a productive waterfowl habitat, is a key feature of this landscape. The forestlands to the east of Mud Pond include NCLC’s McDonnell Preserve as well as the Gaffney Farm Sanctuary easement that preserves as Forever Wild the northern ridgeline of Long Mountain. NCLC’s Alice McCallister Memorial Sanctuary, named in honor of our founder, includes a public trail that facilitates the exploration of the western side of Mud Pond.

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