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Member Spotlight: Anthony Ficalora

Long-time NCLC member, Anthony Ficalora, works out regularly sporting his NCLC cap. At 100, he has seen many changes in the landscape and understands what is at stake. We wanted to know more about why he loves this part of Connecticut.
Q: What makes Northwest Connecticut a special place?
Anthony: “In 1969, I first answered a “Land for Sale” ad in Bridgewater, Connecticut. My interest in Bridgewater goes back many years. Bridgewater was the perfect hide-away, with undulating land, charming farms, and interesting architectural homes with splashing ponds, an old-fashioned general store, a post office, and churches on two corners on Route 133. Driving through Bridgewater reminded me of the Tom Mix western movies. As a young boy I remember the scenery of tall evergreen trees in between rocky terrains and the undulation of hills in those films.
The more I toured the area, the more fascinated I became of Bridgewater. Beautiful Lake Lillinonah surrounded by green trees is an unbelievable dream setting of high willowing trees reflecting on the lake’s surfaces. Riding along Lake Lillinonah, there was an unusual Arabian horse farm. This was an unexpected sight at this colorful location. Driving further along Lake Lillinonah, I discovered Lovers Leap Park that was dedicated in 2007. The leap of Lover’s Leap is a rock formation, overlooking Lake Lillinonah where, tradition has it, the Pootatuck Chief Waramaug’s daughter, Princess Lillinonah and her lover, plunged to their deaths. This was Indian Territory with lots of history. There are many historical sites with Northwest Connecticut Land Trusts that will be enjoyed forever.
I must compliment Catherine M. Rawson, Executive Director, and talented staff, for their creative approach in expanding NCLC’s interests throughout Connecticut for generations to enjoy”