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Effective June 30th, Weantinoge will changed its name to Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy. Simultaneously, Weantinoge and Naromi Land Trust (Naromi), the land trust for the Town of Sherman, merged. This is a momentous time for our organization and the questions and answers below offer clarity and context for this important decision.

Why did you change your name?

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy more accurately reflects the work that we do. Our previous name, while cherished, made it difficult to communicate the breadth of our important work and its regional focus. The clarity will advance our mission to safeguard Northwest Connecticut’s natural and working lands, while helping us to attract new sources of support.

Has your mission or programs changed?

Not at all! You can count on the same team of professional staff working to safeguard natural lands and waters, protect farmland for future generations, and connect people to nature. Learn more about our conservation work here.

Why did Naromi and Weantinoge choose to merge?

Merger enables our organizations to deliver services and benefits more efficiently and effectively, while better upholding the promise of perpetual land conservation.

Land trust work has become more technical and, like all land trusts, Naromi has promised to protect its land and easements forever. That requires financial and organizational resources beyond Naromi’s scope as a local organization. In addition, operating two separate organizations results in a duplication of administrative and management expenses that do not benefit our conservation programs and missions.

The Weantinoge and Naromi Boards of Directors worked together to address these issues for several years and considered multiple partnership models from informal to project-based to merger. Our boards enthusiastically recommended merger as the best option to safeguard our lands, forever.

What happened with Naromi Land Trust’s lands and easements?

Naromi’s land and easements are protected by Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy in perpetuity. Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy protects 12,500 acres including 21 public preserves with hiking trails and more than 40 working farms.

How can I donate to Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy?

Beginning June 30, please make checks payable to Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy. Thank you for making great conservation possible. If you do accidentally make out a check to Weantinoge, don’t worry, we can still deposit it.

Where are your offices?

For now, our office will remain at 5 Maple Street in Kent. Our mailing address also remains the same: P.O. Box 821, Kent, CT 06757.

Has your contact info changed?

Our phone number will remain the same: 860-927-1927. Our email addresses have been updated to the the following: first If you have or in your address book, it will still get to us.

What’s happening with social media?

We’re on Facebook and Instagram @nwctconservancy.

If you have any questions, please contact NCLC’s Executive Director, Catherine Rawson,