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Americorps Comes to Northwest Connecticut

Earlier this month Americorps Team River 4 joined NCLC staff for two days of work at our Kahn Preserve in New Milford and our Cobble Brook Vista Preserve in Kent. At the Kahn Preserve, the Americorps team and NCLC carried in lumber and tools about a mile into the preserve to build bog bridges, cleared brush on the trail, repaired erosion damage, and improved a culvert. These new bog bridges will help keep hikers’ feet dry and reduce trail erosion and “braiding” from hikers trying to find alternate routes around streams and low spots. At Cobble Brook Vista, the team cleared trees that fell during the summer and fall storms on the Orange trail to the Outlook.

Tree, Baylee, and Sophia are from California, Oklahoma and Washington DC, respectively. This was their first visit to New England, and although working during the greatest public health crisis of our time has been challenging, they have been enjoying seeing a new part of the country and working in service of organizations like NCLC and our partner land trusts.

We are truly thankful for these extraordinary young people who signed up for service in such a difficult year, and to the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative for bringing them to Northwest CT!