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Volunteer Spotlight: Lou Memoli

Lou Memoli is the former president of Brookfield Open Space Legacy, Inc (BOSLI), the current chair of NCLC’s Brookfield Council, and a lifelong supporter of the environment. This month we asked Lou to share more about the role volunteering and the environment have played in his life.

Q: How did you become interested in the environment?
Lou: I have been an environmental enthusiast for most of my life. I’ve enjoyed hiking, biking, fishing, wildlife photography, and hunting (although I stopped hunting over 40 years ago). When I attended college as a biology major, all my electives were in the environmental sciences (ecology, field biology, geology) – I even participated in the first Earth Day celebration. I consider myself an environmental scientist but not in the way most people might think. As a health physicist I studied the effects of radioactive contaminants in the environment and their effects on biological systems… pathways much like those of pesticides and other toxins.
Q: Why did you decide to volunteer on NCLC’s Brookfield Council?
Lou: When I joined BOSLI, I found that I was among like-minded people and it gave me a new outlet for my environmental interests – one where I might have the chance to educate and influence others in the Brookfield community. I may no longer be the president of BOSLI but my love of nature and my desire to educate and influence others still remains and it is the reason that I am on the Brookfield Council.
Q: What do you wish more people knew about land conservation?
Lou: I think that most people consider conservation as being passive – keeping things from changing and while conservation is intended to preserve our wild and natural spaces – keeping it from development, it requires ongoing effort to ensure that the habitat remains viable for wildlife, that endangered or fragile species are protected, and that the quality of our soil, vegetation, and water are preserved. Now, with climate change upon us, conservation efforts need to be even more proactive. Soil, water, biodiversity, invasive species, carbon capture… all these areas require action. And now is the time. COVID has created new enthusiasm for the outdoors and this is an opportunity to engage with the public through social and educational events, sponsorships, and collaborations with the goal of creating awareness and fostering environmentally prudent public policy. NCLC is active in all these areas and this is why I continue to volunteer my time and effort.













Thank you Lou for all that you do for NCLC!